SMART turnkey equipment for OT Quasar eLite Titan
SMART turnkey equipment for OT Quasar eLite Titan

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Welcome to Brandon Medical India

Empowering Healthcare Efficiency in South Asia with SMART Technology

Brandon Medical, a multi-award-winning UK-based designer and manufacturer of world-leading technology solutions for operating theatres, critical care areas, and primary care institutions, proudly introduces its innovative offerings tailored to the modern healthcare landscape across South Asia.

In a rapidly evolving healthcare industry, efficiency and advanced technology are paramount. Enter SMART technology – a game-changer revolutionizing the landscape of healthcare facilities across India and the broader South Asia region. SMART, an acronym for Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, is rapidly gaining prominence, providing a transformative edge to hospitals and built settings nationwide.

Traditional digital systems in operating theatres and healthcare facilities often need more effective communication and integration. However, SMART technology changes the game by creating an ecosystem that outsmarts these conventional systems, combining sensors, data processing, and communication capabilities. It enables an interconnected network where devices seamlessly share data, locally and with external platforms, for analysis, reporting, and maintenance.

Brandon Medical brings this transformative technology to the forefront of healthcare settings in South Asia. Our range of SMART-enabled devices, including theatre control panels, operating theatre lighting with remote control and diagnostic support, self-reporting battery backup UPS and IPS systems, ultra-clean ventilation packages with BMS integration, and digital video solutions interfacing with patient records platforms, promises to revolutionize healthcare efficiency.

Beyond efficiency, SMART technology significantly contributes to patient safety by enabling real-time monitoring, data analysis, and proactive alerts. It empowers healthcare providers with accurate, up-to-date information for well-informed decision-making, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Brandon Medical India invites you to embrace the power of SMART measures to enhance efficiency, save costs, and ensure superior patient care across South Asia. Join us in paving the way towards a smarter healthcare future with our SMART solutions, and let’s revolutionize healthcare efficiency across the region, together.


Designed & manufactured in the UK

We are one of the leading manufacturers of high tech medical lighting, and our equipment can be found in surgeries, clinics and hospitals throughout the world supported by an extensive distributor network.

Our UK manufactured operating theatre lamps have near-perfect colour rendition, balanced arm systems for ease of movement and use HD-LED technology which emits a brilliant cold light to reduce heat generation. We also have a range of mobile operating theatre lights. Specialist surgical and examination lighting systems are available, with unique features designed to suit the field.

In addition to healthcare and hospital lighting technology, we also manufacture operating theatre control panels and design solutions for medical AV systems, medical supply pendants, as well as isolated power systems and uninterruptible power systems.


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Our International Vision

We will be the “first choice” supplier for all our customers by providing them with desirable, innovative and high value products delivered with a first class personal service in sales, supply and aftercare.

Our vision is to build a respected international business with a strong home market as our foundation by designing every product and process in our business to live up to our slogan, “Brilliant by Design”


We are an international medical technology business focused on supporting medical staff, healthcare engineers and our distributors to deliver better patient care.

We design, manufacture, install and maintain vital medical equipment for operating rooms, treatment rooms and critical care areas to deliver care to patients in human and animal healthcare.


Values Proposition

We are an ethical business and our aim is to be a trusted partner for all our stakeholders. We value traditional British integrity, innovation and technical expertise.  We aim to deliver clear proposals to our customers, integrated solutions that really work and strong partnerships with suppliers and customers.  Our mantras are to “Deliver what we Promise” and to always “Do the Right Thing”.


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Brandon Medical we always do the right thing
We always do the right thing

Ethical:           we always do the right thing

Trust:              we always tell the truth

Innovation:    we are creative and always seek a better way

Passionate:    we love what we do

Friendly:         we care, we are positive and we help one another

Partnership:  we collaborate effectively in the UK and Internationally, working together to achieve more than we could alone

GMEC-2024 Global Medical Exhibition & Conference

Join Brandon Medical at GMEC 2024!

Medical Equipment Exhibition in India
GMEC-2024 Global Medical Exhibition & Conference - A Complete International Exhibition On Medical And Hospital Needs

Event Date
17,18,19,May 2024
Palace Grounds ( Tripura Vasini, A/C ) Bengaluru, India

Explore healthcare innovation: Brandon Medical, a leader in Operating Theatres and ICU equipment, presents the future of patient care.

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